Investment Advisory

  • To begin with, it is important to note that we understand investment consultancy to mean much more than simply investment advice. The key is to offer you holistic consultancy and to support you in all financial matters. Because you require only one relationship manager for all bank transactions, settlement times are greatly reduced. Together with you, the right investment decisions are taken, whereby your personal interests have priority at all times. With our knowledge of financial markets, we endeavour merely to facilitate your investment decisions. Consideration is always paid to the individual tax aspects, and the best solutions are sought jointly.

    You yourself decide which investments should make up your portfolio. You should play an active role in the structuring of the portfolio. You decide how often you wish to contact us, or how often you want to receive information from us. In addition, we offer you our research resources, and help you to select the stocks. If necessary, you benefit from our recommendations concerning purchases, sales or regrouping.

Investment Advisory in 5 Steps

  • Step 1 / 5

    • The purpose of this discussion is to establish the necessary preconditions for holistic consultancy. It is also necessary to clarify the client's asset and pension provisioning situation, to ascertain his particular investment goals and to determine his investment horizon.

  • Step 2 / 5

    • In this conjunction, the client's risk appetite and risk capacity are also analysed. This is the only way to ensure that attention focuses first and foremost on the specific investment wishes of the client.

  • Step 3 / 5

    • For this purpose, a joint basic strategy is drawn up, in which the long-term asset structure is defined. Risk optimisation through diversification between asset classes (equities, bonds, liquidity, etc.) as well as within an asset class, e.g. at the market and country level, are the principal components of this.

  • Step 4 / 5

    • By this means, investment opportunities can be realised in an investment class, while the strategic structure may be deviated from in the short term. This tends to be done by overweighting or underweighting certain markets or sectors.

  • Step 5 / 5

    • The performance is monitored by measuring the value of a security or portfolio over a specific period of time. This makes it possible to review the investment policy and investment goals, and to make changes if necessary.

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