Privacy Statement

  • Volksbank AG takes very seriously the need to safeguard the entitlement to information self-determination and to protect the private sphere of its customers and the users of its internet services.

    Volksbank AG takes account of this in its business processes with the greatest care at all times and confirms that its employees are bound by the Data Protection Act [Datenschutzgesetz (“DSG”)] as well as by banking secrecy regulations.

    1. Gathering, storage and utilisation of your data
    Your personal data are only saved if you authorise Volksbank AG to do this of your own free will in the forms/messages signed by you or forwarded by electronic means. Volksbank AG uses your data solely for the specific purpose of the services which you have accepted.

    To use certain in-house services, the user is first required to login. When logging in, specific data need to be entered which are essential for the provision of the services: username, password and if necessary e-mail address. These data are used for identification and authentication as well as for administrative purposes.

    Further details may be provided on a voluntary basis.

    2. Forwarding of your personal data
    Your personal data will not be forwarded to any third party without your express consent, unless the Bank is obliged by law to do so.

    Insofar as Volksbank AG makes use of third-party services (outsourcing) and forwards data for service rendering purposes, these third parties are obliged in the same manner as our own employees to observe data protection and bank secrecy regulations.

    3. Use of cookies
    Cookies are small text files which are generated by a visited website in a directory provided by your browser for this purpose on your hard disk or on a temporary storage medium. Temporary cookies (session cookies) are used for e-banking with Volksbank AG. These are deleted once you leave the e-banking service. By activating your browser’s relevant settings, you can stop cookies being saved. We draw your attention to the fact that in this case the print function will no longer be available in our e-banking service. Our website pages under will remain available without restriction.

    4. Saving the website visits
    Volksbank AG maintains records of all accessing to its websites (e.g. IP address, date, time, accessed website). These records are used for security purposes, to maintain and optimise our website as well as for anonymised statistical analyses.

    5. Protection of your personal data
    Having been forwarded to us, your personal data is saved on servers to which only a limited number of individuals have access. By deploying reasonable technical and organisational measures, Volksbank AG has ensured that only authorised persons are able to access these servers. The physical environment (e.g. access) and technical environment (e.g. firewall) are particularly well-protected.

    6. Entitlement to information
    As a user, you have the right to receive information about which data Volksbank AG has stored about your person or about a pseudonym. A request for information should be forwarded to Volksbank AG in writing.

    7. Correction, blocking, deletion of data
    You may arrange for your data stored at Volksbank AG to be corrected at any time. Furthermore, you may demand that your personal inventory data be blocked (future prohibition of utilisation by Volksbank AG) or deleted, unless this is contrary to a statutory obligation. A correction, block or deletion will be performed exclusively following a written instruction. The consequence of any blocking or deletion of your personal inventory data will be that the use of certain services or the continuation of the business relationship as a whole will no longer be possible.

    8. Reporting of changes
    Volksbank AG reserves the right to amend the aforementioned Data Protection/Privacy Statement at any time.

    9. Information about payment transfers
    In the event of transfers abroad and in the case of separately ordered urgent payment transfers, the data contained in the payment transfer will be forwarded to the beneficiary’s bank via the sole globally-active payment information service, the Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication (SWIFT) with headquarters in Belgium. In the case of domestic payment transfers, the data contained in the payment transfer will be forwarded via SIC or EUROSIC to the beneficiary’s bank. Furthermore, all payment transfer data will be forwarded via the Service Bureau of Biveroni Batschelet Partner (BBP), Baden (Switzerland). BBP saves these data in accordance with the valid statutory regulations.

    On the grounds of system safety, SWIFT saves the transaction data temporarily in its computer centres in the Netherlands and USA. The reason for this information is a resolution passed by the data protection authorities in November 2006, with which these responded to the accessing by US authorities of payment transfer data in the SWIFT computer centre in the USA for the purpose of combating international terrorism.

    10. Do you have any further questions or suggestions?
    If you have any questions about the processing of your personal data or on the subject of data protection in general, please do not hesitate to contact our Data Protection Officer:

    Volksbank AG
    Data Protection Officer
    Feldkircher Strasse 2
    FL-9494 Schaan

    Volksbank AG – Status: Juli 2008